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Last Updated: 22nd May 2019

Hertfordshire Junior Badminton League

The League, promoted by Badminton England (BE) and Hertfordshire Junior Badminton Association (HJBA), offers young players an experience of competition as a first step towards higher level competitive play such as in HJBA tournaments and the BE circuits.

The League is aimed especially at recreational players up to 13 years of age, players who currently have limited opportunities for competitive play and those who have been involved in SmashUp! sessions, the National Schools Championships or junior clubs across the County. It is not open to players who are current members of the HSBA County squad.

In the 2018/19 season, 11 teams from across the County contested the League over three match days, and the final league table was:

Position Team
1 Baldock JBC
2 Harpenden JBC
3 Swifts JBC
4 Watford district
5 Much Hadham JBC
6 Wizard JBC
7 All Saints JBC
8 Stanstead Abbotts JBC
9 Dane End JBC
10 Hertford JBC
11 Abbey JBC


Baldock JBC, 2018/19 League winners


Harpenden JBC, runners-up


Swifts JBC, third placed team 

The teams in 2018/19 and their managers were:


Team Manager

Email contact

Abbey JBC

Keith Burns


All Saints JBC

Jim Robson


Baldock JBC

Bob Green


Dane End JBC

Brian Jackson


Harpenden JBC

Jennifer Fereday


Hertford JBC

Douglas Clark


Much Hadham JBC

Neil & Sue Clarke


Stanstead Abbotts JBC

Mel Clarke


Swifts JBC

Ken Winchester


Watford District

Phil Adams


Wizard JBC

Ian Robinson


If you are interested in playing in your local team next season, don’t delay!  Email the team manager straight away to find out how you can be involved and perhaps win selection for the team.

John Stobo, League Organiser

Email: j.r.stobo@gmail.com

 Contact us | Kevin Maughan, Secretary Tel: 01438 712944 | e-mail: admin@hjba.org.uk |

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